Q: What is the Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund (LMDRF)?

The LMDRF is Western Australia’s official state emergency fund and is used to raise and coordinate donations to support the victims of disasters occurring within Western Australia.

City of Perth manages and administers the LMDRF. All administration costs involved in running the LMDRF is absorbed by the City of Perth, so 100% of all funds raised goes directly to those in need.

Q: Is the LMDRF a registered charity?

Yes, we are. We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. You can view our registration here. 

Q: What do I need to do to fundraise for the LMDRF?

Please download the application form and copy of the guidance pack available on this page. Upon receiving your completed application form, and ensuring you meet the requirements, the LMDRF will issue you with a licence to fundraise on our behalf. This licence comes in the form of a Letter of Authority. The Letter of Authority is your proof that you are raising money for a legitimate cause and have approval from the LMDRF to do so.

At the end of your fundraising activity or event you will need to remit the money raised within 14 days and complete a Financial Reporting Statement within 30 days of your Letter of Authority expiration date.

Please note that the LMDRF is not obliged to grant your request.

Q: Why do I need a licence to fundraise? Can’t I/we just fundraise?

Special laws apply when fundraising relates to a charitable purpose such as an emergency appeal.  To collect money for charitable purposes the organisation or individual must meet requirements under the Charitable Collections Act 1946.

For further information please refer to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

The licence (that is, the Letter of Authority) provided to you by the LMDRF, gives you permission to fundraise under the LMDRF’s charitable collections licence.

It is an offence to collect money or goods from the public for charitable purposes without a charitable collections licence or the authority of an existing licence holder. If you are unable to obtain a licence or authority to fundraise you should not proceed with your proposed collection or fundraising activity.

Q: Why do I need to complete a financial reporting statement?

The financial reporting statement lists your outgoings and incomings and is a declaration from you about your fundraising efforts.

Q. When I issue a receipt, what do I need to include on the receipt?

Please ensure you give a receipt for all monies received and goods sold. The receipts must be numbered in sequential order and include the name and address of the licence holder in addition to the organiser of the fundraising activity.

Q: What happens if I don’t want to fundraise anymore?

Please email lmdrf@cityofperth.wa.gov.au  to notify your intent to no longer progress with your fundraising activity or event. Once authority has been revoked there should be actions to ensure no further fundraising is done.

All money held or controlled because of fundraising activities or events must be remitted to the LMDRF within 7 days of a written termination.

Q: What should I/we do if my fundraising dates change?

If you change your mind about fundraising dates, please contact as the LMDRF immediately on 1300 998 227 or lmdrf@cityofperth.wa.gov.au

Q. What if my/our activity doesn’t raise any money whatsoever?

You will still need to complete the Financial Reporting Statement and submit it to us within 30 days of the Letter of Authority expiry.

Q. Is there a minimum amount someone can donate to my/our campaign?

No there isn’t. But please note donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductible.

Q: What is the deadline for remitting the monies raised from fundraising?

At the completion of your fundraising activity, you have 14 days to remit the funds into the BankWest appeal account as stated on the Letter of Authority. Don’t forget to list the unique reference we gave you as your reference when depositing the funds.

A Financial Reporting Statement must also be completed and submitted to the LMDRF within 30 days.

Q: Does the LMDRF provide tax receipts for fundraising donations?

No, we don’t. We will provide you with an acknowledgement to thank you for your fundraising efforts. It is your responsibility as a fundraiser to issue receipts for all monies received and goods sold.

Q: What if I’m under 16 and want to fundraise?

The law in Western Australia states that the minimum age of a fundraiser is 16.

Q: Is GST payable on donations?

No, donations do not attract GST.

Q: Is the LMDRF endorsed as a deductible gift recipient?

Yes it is. You can see our deductible gift recipient status here

Q: How much of the money donated from my fundraising efforts is actually donated to the victims?

100% of all money raised goes directly to the victims affected by the disaster.  The City of Perth donates ALL administration costs.

Q: How will LMDRF money be distributed to those affected by the disaster?

The LMDRF is operated by an independent Board and the process for distributing funds will be managed in conjunction with the affected Shire/s. Applications are assessed on a case by case basis and decisions for disbursements are made according to a certain criteria.

Q: What if we want to raise items such as clothes and food for victims? Can I/we do this with the LMDRF’s support?

The State government and local government authorities involved in the recovery of a disaster encourage individuals who want to help in some way to donate money to the LMDRF.

Clothing, food and other items are very difficult to coordinate and store. However if you feel strongly about donating goods and other items then please contact the local government authority/s affected for further advice.

Q: Does the LMDRF have systems in place for ‘dodgy’ fundraisers?

Yes we do. If you have any suspicions about an individual or group fundraising, please contact us on 1300 998 227 or email lmdrf@cityofperth.wa.gov.au and we will investigate the matter.

Q: Who can I contact if I have further questions about fundraising?

Please contact 1300 998 227 and someone will happily assist with your enquiry. Alternatively, you can email lmdrf@cityofperth.wa.gov.au

The cost of administering the LMDRF is entirely absorbed by the City of Perth
so 100% of money raised can go back to those who need it.