About the LMDRF

The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund (LMDRF) was established in 1961, following the disastrous Dwellingup fires where 123 people were left homeless and the timber towns of Holyoake, Nanga Brook, Marrinup and Banksiadale were completely burnt out.

The LMDRF was established in conjunction with the State Government to provide financial assistance to individuals for the alleviation and relief of distress, suffering and personal hardships, brought about by any disaster or emergency within Western Australia declared by the Western Australian Government or for which the LMDRF Board considers assistance is warranted.

The perpetual fund is incorporated under the Charitable Collections Act and has Australian Taxation Office tax deductibility status. The LMDRF is administered by an independent Board which consists of up to 15 members.

The City of Perth has donated administrative and other support services to the LMDRF since its inception. The City of Perth seeks no reimbursement for the costs associated with providing support to the LMDRF. This means 100% of donations raised through appeals goes directly to those in need.

The Board’s method of operation for coordinating the appeal once a formal announcement has been made is direct liaison with the local government of the district or districts affected.

The local committee is made up of local government, community representatives, lead combat authority representatives and local state government representatives.

This committee works with the community in question and acts as a communication line to the LMDRF’s Board. They follow set Board guidelines, pass claims to the Board, and also with their local knowledge, make recommendations on disbursement. The Board then makes a final determination on disbursement of funds.

The Objects of the LMDRF are:

  • to provide a permanent fund for the alleviation and relief of distress, suffering, hardship and misfortune to individuals brought about by any disaster or emergency of a general application which has been declared as such by the Western Australian government through the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES);
  • to provide relief and aid as determined by the Board of the Fund from time to time to individuals undergoing such distress, suffering, hardship or misfortune brought about by any event mentioned above; and
  • to provide assistance to individuals for the alleviation and relief of distress, suffering, hardship or misfortune following a minor localised disaster.

The cost of administering the LMDRF is entirely absorbed by the City of Perth
so 100% of money raised can go back to those who need it.